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A work proposed for the Heimatmuseum Reinickendorf, a small museum on the northern perimeter of Berlin. This project was censored by the museum leadership, despite the support of the project's curator (Dr. Lily Fürstenow-Khositashvili).

The intended work consisted of a video, letter, and a proposed extraction.

An article on the issue was published in TAZ, a Berlin local newspaper, and an interview between myself and critic Jon Davies was published in MOMUS, an online journal dedicated to art criticism.

The video that was to have been exhibited consisted of an interview with museum director Dr. Cornelia Gerner. In the interview she holds various item from the museum collection that are artifacts of Nazi rule, and describes what the museum knows and doesn't know about them, how the museum acquired the artifact, and if and in what context the artifact has been exhibited.

Shortly after recording the video I sent a letter to the museum direction requesting an action to be performed: I asked the museum to give me one of these artifacts, to remove it from preservation and allow it to be forgotten.

The museum never responded to my letter, but relayed to me by way of the exhibition curator that they refused to exhibit the letter.