I work through institutional critique, using direct action, intervention, and redistribution to root out art’s perpetuation of social injustice in upholding neoliberal capitalism. Art and artists’s currently institutionalized status is sweetly snuggled into bed with wealth and the beneficiaries of extractive, exploitative processes. My work puts art’s allegiances on the line, showing art’s complicity with our toxic political structures. In this pursuit my work takes multiple visual forms, including installations, performative public interventions, publications, and archival processes. In previous works I have examined art’s exploitative labour practices; its instrumentalization in gentrification of impoverished neighbourhoods; and the ways that public arts funding upholds neoliberal values. I am currently working on the intersection of philanthropy and mining, and how Canada’s financial, industrial, and military support of resource extraction undermines concessions to climate sustainability, indigenous sovereignty, workers' rights, or decolonization. Through in-depth research, I trace these infrastructural collusions of institutionalized art with systems of financialization and the coercive pressure points of austerity budgets. I use my work to think about what exactly we in the arts community are doing and who we are serving.