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A project commissioned for La Biennale de Momon, the work examined the dynamics of presence, absence, documentation and performance.
The initial invitation to this project was premised on spending some time in the village of Maumont, France, after which artists were invited to produce a work that left no traces on site but were compiled on the project website linked above.
Due to the pandemic, this premise shifted since the expected visit to the village could not be completed. The distance and absence of place therefore became predominant elements of the project.
In his introduction to the project, commissioning artist and organizer Frans van Lent offered us a tour of the village by way of video segments in which he recorded ahead of himself as he silently walked around the perimeter of the village. This tour was integrated into the Biennale website to give visitors a sense of the context.
For my work I composited myself into two locations in this tour of the periphery which constructed the frame of the event at which neither art nor artist was present.