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I hired an actor (Jesse Levine), (J.) to impersonate me. This impersonation was staged both in my personal life and in my professional life.

J.'s performance followed the script below:

Act One
solo with dinner guests
Attend the gallery's dinner in my place. This dinner is for the other invited artists in the group exhibitions. Talk about the work and my practice. Document your reception.

Act Two
solo with incidental / invited audience
Wear the artist’s clothes to visit various art galleries. Start conversations with curators / other gallery visitors introducing yourself as Josh Schwebel. Duration 1 – 4 hours. Try to get a photograph of yourself meeting these people.

Act Three
Solo with incidental audience
Approach old friends of the artist (a list will be provided of email addresses). Contact by email and arrange appointments. If they show up talk about the good old days from High School, or Art School, as you wish. Photograph yourself with them. If they refuse, photograph them turning/ running away from you. Duration: 4 x ½ hour per visit.

Act Four
Solo with curator
Approach a Toronto curator for a studio visit. Show a compilation of slides. Construct an imaginary practice based on the selected slides of “work”.

Act Five
Solo with family
Spend a night sleeping at the artist’s father’s house. Wear the artist’s clothes, enjoy the hospitality of my father. Duration: overnight.

Coordinate with Actress to perform in Blackwood Gallery – photograph / document her performance in your role as the artist’s impersonator.