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Having been invited to participate in a group show at the Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin, a former living space converted into a gallery, I decided to sub-rent my place in the show, exhibiting alongside the selected sub-tenant artist the contractual agreement and the record of transaction.

This piece was intended as a commentary on the rapid increase in rental prices in Berlin and the leverage of tenants through platforms like airbnb to earn their cost of living through making their own living spaces profitable. It was also a response to the fact that artists are mostly paying for visibility, particularly in cities like Berlin, where competition subtends so much of what it means to be a professional artist. The majority of artists do not earn a living wage from art alone, and either supplement our practices with other sources of income, or are privileged enough to be independently wealthy. The current system of art exhibition does not disclose how the artists exhibited achieved this visibility, whether by paying to exhibit, working for free, or recipient of a fee.

The subtenant was selected by way of a call for submissions, and their agreement to pay the rental fee of €1,200 in exchange for which they would be included in the exhibition as any other artist, their work displayed alongside the contract which formalized our agreement and a record of the transaction.