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As part of the discursive programming for this project, a panel discussion was convened. This comprised two critics who would each read a paper on the project.

Critics were Carl Samuels, a New York based critic, and Patrice Loubier, based in Montreal.
Samuels reads his paper, a somewhat bombastic rejection of the project. Loubier reads second, and it gradually becomes apparent that this second paper is an exact repetition / re-iteration of the previous presentation.

Through this panel-performance it becomes apparent that this performance of critique is a response to articule's acceptance of the project - which in some sense is a sign that the project's intent, to incite a reaction, failed.

To listen to a podcast of the event with discussion, please go to articule's website. During the discussion it was revealed that Carl Samuels is actually the artist's father, Carl Schwebel.