work > From the Aesthetics of Administration

I was invited to produce a solo exhibition at the Centrum project space in Berlin. Originally this project was meant to be a part of a festival for which the allotted artist’s fee was to have been 90€, an amount determined by a grant from the Berlin arts funding Senat (the Kulturverwaltung).

For my work I invited the employees of the Kulturverwaltung to propose and realize their own artworks. The two respondents each composed works reflecting on their tasks at the Senat and their relationship to art. The resulting exhibition reversed the roles of administrator and producer, delegating the production of artistic content to those who normally manage the financial structures underpinning its production. It also made visible the personal aesthetics and opinions of the administrators of public arts funding, who normally remain unrepresented and unconsidered in the cultural landscape of Berlin, but have great power to determine the definition and determination of contemporary art.