Joshua Schwebel
Joshua Schwebel is a conceptual artist working through site and situation-responsive interventions. His work provokes confrontations between the representation and recognition of art, by circulating work outside of artistic contexts, or by disrupting the bureaucratic contexts in which art is administered.

Within the gallery, he exhibits documentation of the manoeuvres and interventions enacted. These documents do not reconstruct the event for the spectator to witness at a distance. Instead, he uses the document as a form through which to destabilize the role or assumptions of the exhibition spectator.

His work tests the capacity of arts institutions and their representative agents for self-critical reflection, and instigates opportunities to compare the ideals of art with the decisive actions of those who embody that authority. His practice can be located within the lineage of dematerialized and anti-commercial practices that emerged from the avant-garde such as conceptual art and Institutional Critique.