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A three-part intervention-cycle [event / documentation / presentation] each part of which was invisible or unprovable, followed by an exhibition that documents the cycle through fictional or otherwise non-original artefacts.

The body of work responds to an exhibition Nul Si Découvert (2010), at FRAC: le Plateau, in Paris, France, curated by Guillaume Desanges, and juxtaposes this exhibit with a film, Caché (Michael Haneke, 2006), also set in Paris. Both the film and the exhibit engage with conditions of obfuscation, secrecy, or absence. In Nul Si Découvert, the subject of the exhibition is the unknowable or the secret as what withdraws from knowledge. In Haneke's Caché, the unknowable is figured through trauma, an event by which consciousness is interrupted, narrative sequence is disordered, and the self becomes unreliable.