Fonograph > "he pretended to be..."

full title of work (found (as a quotation) on a weblog debating the identity of the Paul McCartney impostor :
"He pretended to be JPM
He pretended to be John
He pretended to be Eric Clapton as George Harrison
He pretended to be Don Knotts replacing Brian Epstein
He pretended to be Charlie Brill impersonating John Lennon
He pretended to be Neil Aspinall, impersonating Paul, aka Faul
He was also pretending to be Ringo Starr pretending to be Captain Kangaroo, but that scheme bellyflopped.
You see, not all things are what they seem to be."

3 inkjet prints on paper
36 x 48

A series of three large-scale inkjet prints.
These are each portraits of the so-called 'Faul', supposed impostor of Paul MacCartney. The images have been found as-is on various internet conspiracy weblogs and enlarged (without modifying their resolution).
The images, and the anonymous theorists who have composed them, suggest a before an after, or a comparison between the true and the false Paul.
The image quality is extremely poor, due to their source on the internet, which reflects their dispersion and degradation by rumour and word-of-mouth, and the tenuous relationship they hold to an event of dubious (fictional or suppressed) origin.