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I then visited the house from the film, Caché.

For every day that I had attended the gallery exhibition of Nul si Découvert, I had made a recording of the looped video I had haunted. I had transferred the recording of each of these visitations to its own VHS cassette.

I delivered a cassette recording this action to the house from the film. I repeated these visits, delivering one cassette per day.

Each day that I made a delivery I also took a photo of the house. I tried to position myself and my camera in the same position as that of the undisclosed voyeur in the film.

The image superimposes each of these visits, showing not just the house, but the movement of my body in each shot, and my inability to precisely replicate the film's framing from memory.

49 rue Brillat Savarin
49 rue Brillat Savarin